5 Fancy Sports Cars Launching in 2017

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Fancy sports car do run on four wheels and are operated in the usual manner, but they are definitely not cars in the strictest sense. It is the experience of sitting in them and driving them that pushes the limits of vehicular performance. Only a lucky few get to buy or drive them, while most are not able to even see them in person. It is the extreme exclusivity of these fancy sports car that makes them unique, special and the most desired. They’re the true supercars that run on high performance All season tyres, priced beyond comprehension and meant for those who love expensive sports cars and can afford them.

5 fancy cars launched in 2017

Get ready to make way for the hottest fancy sports cars that are getting launched in 2107. They are an impressive assortment of stately hot-blooded sports coupes, stately sedans, and odd station wagon.

The new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

AED 735,000
The new Chevrolet runs on 640-horsepower supercharged V8 from the Corvette Z06 and is available in convertible and track-ready coupe versions. Belonging to the legendary performance family, the supercharged ZL1 model captures the latest refinement and engineering know-how. It has a phenomenal power, and the Mensa-smart 10-speed automatic is completely at home on any road. It is able to reach a 7:29.60 lap which is 12 seconds faster than its predecessor.

Fully-electric Tesla Model 3

AED 129,000
Tesla Model 3 sedan is the new full-electric model which is smaller and much more affordable. It is likely to arrive before the end of 2017. The premium sedan comes with superior acceleration, displays, and more range and customization options. In its class, it is the safest car with automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance. Along with electronic stability and traction control, there are eight airbags. Wi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity and touchscreen with onboard maps & navigation are for added convenience.

The new midsize Giulia

AED 150,000
Giulia with a blazing 505-hp bi-turbo V6 engine nails the engineering because of its Italianesque quality and styling. Giulia is likely to raise the benchmark against German competition. The range comprises of Quadrifoglio performance models as well as compact and mid-size SUV. It is made of multilink suspensions, and steel bones and the north-south powertrain configuration offers both rear- and four-wheel drive.

Jannarelly Design-1

AED 228,000
Jannarelly Design-1 is the home production sports car that is about to hit the streets. Entirely made in the UAE, the retro-futuristic two-seat roadster looks stunning. It is a blend of the 60s inspired roadster, and the heritage and the sports car is a major milestone for Jannarelly. The car deserves the aesthetic quality the design and the power. Equipped with the 6.2 liters 2108 bhp power plant, the lightweight model is confident of its appeal.

The low-slung Pagani Huayra BC

AED 3.67312
Pagani Huayra BC from the Italian boutique is sure expensive. The utterly fascinating sports car is ludicrous in every way. The 720-hp, the mid-engined supercar is gorgeous in every detail, and the million-dollar baby is just right for those who have got bored of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The freakishly aggressive car is brilliantly quick.

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