Common Mistakes People Make While Buying a Used Car

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Buying a new car is a safe deal, but with a used car you are bound to check its exterior, interior, engine and features. Your lack of attention can cost you thousands of Dirhmas by the time you realise you are already too late. We are giving you a heads up, so you could avoid common mistakes people make while buying a used car.

Buying a Used Car

Buying Car without History Report

This relates to a car’s legal integrity. Why? For instance, the car you are buying may have been smashed into a poor pedestrian, the owner managed to repair the car hiding its indications and is now in a hurry to get rid of the evidence by selling it at a quick, low price which you automatically find appealing. Dealing with independent private sellers, you have to be very careful, as chances of fraud are higher. Make sure it has never been involved in an accident. At times (usually in the case of rental cars) they rollback the odometer to conceal its total run, which may affect its price. Whether you are buying from a private seller or a car lot, always demand the vehicle’s history report. For Abu Dhabi, you can also check it online here.

Not Checking the Inspection Report

Every car needs repairs and tune ups at some point, which significantly undermine its value. The inspection history also encompasses the hidden faults the dealer won’t tell you otherwise. In case the dealer refuses to give the inspection report, you can cancel the deal or at least you will have an upper-hand if you decide to buy it anyway, because now you have all the reasons to pay him less and he will be compelled to listen to you.

Not Having the Car Inspected before Purchase

When you are buying from a private seller, always demand for an inspection by an authentic mechanic to evaluate the car’s integrity. This takes time and you may even have to pay for it, but it is imperative to know what secret the seller is holding up his sleeves. The car may be internally damaged, the engine can be weak and the safety features may not be working and so on. This can be particularly helpful if you are a new buyer and don’t know much about cars. Remember, this goes additional to inspection history of the car.

Not Considering Fuel Economy

The fuel consumption is a significant factor, especially if economy is your prime concern. Always check the EPA ratings of the model you are buying. You can also find fuel efficiency of any vehicle on Fuelly, but the official portals are more reliable, offering you fuel consumption details of both new and old vehicles.

Not Considering CPO Vehicles

Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles are comparatively more costly than used ones, but they always put you on the safe side. They are usually less old, have fewer run, but most of all you get complete documents of the vehicle, repair history and they are in a better condition for a used car. You should prefer certified pre-owned cars, especially if you don’t have the time to go through formalities. For instance, here you can buy pre-owned Honda cars.

Buying without Comparing Prices

This is a terrible mistake some buyers make while buying a used car. Market is an open place and you are not bound to buy from a single location. Even if you find a particular car to your satisfaction, you should visit other dealerships as well to compare the prices. This also gives you a general idea of the market rates. Otherwise, be ready for a shock learning your friend bought the same car the other day, in better condition at a lower price. Plus, you have got the luxury of the internet and the automobile sites are in constant competition to provide you more accurate figures, at your local exchange rates. DubaiCars lists price of each car available in the UAE, along with their specifications and fuel economy.

Now you are acquainted with the most common mistakes buyers make while buying a used car. Car prices are always fluctuating and you can lose the bid if you go impromptu. We hope our tips will help you in buying a perfect used car.

Anees came to automotive journalism after several years as a public affairs consultant.

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