Desert Safari Dubai – A Comprehensive Guide

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The most prominent and famous part of Dubai tourism is desert safari Dubai. If you want to experience the life in the desert, desert safari is the perfect way to do that. Our ancestors used to live in the deserts before they moved into the city that we see today. Hence, the desert life is a vital and historical part of the culture and traditions of Dubai. Safari Dubai is not what you would call a heritage tour, but it is still a great way of enjoying the desert life.

So, what exactly is a desert safari? Dubai desert safari is just like a roller coaster ride. It would take you in the middle of a desert where you would be riding up and down the dunes. Only a 4×4 is capable this task. The offroaders are driven by professional and licensed drivers. Dubai safari would give you an adventure of your lifetime. Don’t forget to take photographs of the natural beauty that would surround you.

If this is your first desert safari experience, there are a few things you need to know about.

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Types of Camps and Group Size:

You must know there are so many types of camps and groups. Choose among the large or small groups or go with a private set-up. Given below is a little overview of different camps and groups:

Shared camp with other firms

This is perfect for people with little budget. However, there is a drawback. In shared camps different companies are to work together in a group, so you cannot complain the company that you booked with if you find issues with food and hygiene.

Large Private Camps with 50 to 600 Guests

Some desert safari firms set up their own private camps for guests numbering from 50 to 600 for a night; excellent choice if you like to spend time in big groups. The biggest disadvantage is the crowd. You might have to get into long lines for the buffet and the service is not personalized too.

Small Private Camps with Less than 100 Guests

These camps are rather rare because they provide service on a more intimate level. However, the entertainment would be high-class. This option is perfect for couples, families and people who come to celebrate their special moments in life.

Private set-up

If you want to experience the highest quality desert safari in Dubai, this is the best you can get. Complete privacy, the high-quality food and personalized service are the salient features. It is best suited for both couples and individuals. There would be 3 to 4 staff members with no one else to bother you. Just beware of the private set-ups that do not put up any bathroom facilities in the desert for you.

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Type of Safaris:

There are mainly four kinds of Dubai desert safari experiences.

Dune Bashing

If you are totally healthy and fit and are not scared easily, Dune Bashing is perfect for you. Dubai dune bashing works best for people who love roller coaster rides and don’t have motion sickness. However, for a faint heart, this might not be the best fit. This high impact adrenaline drive is for daring people who happen to love motorsport too. Unfortunately, this adventure may last for 10 minutes to half an hour only.

Wildlife Safari

If you are not so daring and don’t like bumpy rides, go for Wildlife Safari. This is like those African Safaris, which kids can enjoy too. If you are interested, opt for the Dubai safari tours that provide Wildlife Safari. This adventure can be really fun and interesting, plus it is the safest too. Wildlife Safari may last for over an hour.

Camel Safari

If you desire to feel the actual desert life, Camel Safari must be in the list. Camel Safaris can be tiring, but they are a lot of fun. You will be able to move around the desert terrain like real Bedouins. Camel ride is exciting owing to all the desert vegetation and wild insects and reptiles that you would be able to see. The ride renders you the actual experience of Arab life.

Quad Bike Safari

It is for people who are very daring and want to drive around the desert themselves. Quad bike safari in Dubai is every adventurer’s dream to satisfy their adrenaline rush. It can be dangerous, so opt for this only if you are brave enough.

Dubai Safari Activities

Apart from moving up and down the desert dunes, safari in Dubai also entertains the guests with a number of fun activities. It depends on the package you select and the desert safari tour you book with. The adventure mostly starts in the afternoon. The company takes you to the camp site. On the way, they stop for you to take photographs and move around the desert. When the sun sets, the host gives you some time to behold the beautiful view of the sun setting in the west. You can ride a camel or a quad bike if you want to. There’s sand boarding, sheesha and a splendid BBQ dinner at night along with belly dancing. Other main activities include hot air ballooning, sand skiing, dune climbing, Henna painting etc. All this depends on the package you select.

Safety Measures

Only a good and reputed Dubai tour operator would make sure that your trip is completely safe. Research thoroughly about the company you book with and see what kind of safety measures they take. A good desert safari operator would always take care of the following:

  • The Safari drivers are professional and licensed.
  • They use 4×4 SUVs which are the safest in the desert terrain.
  • They are fully equipped with First Aid stuff.
  • They don’t start until everyone has their seat belts on.
  • The vehicles have roll cages to protect the occupants from any serious injuries in case of an accident or a roll-over.
  • The vehicles and the occupants are covered under insurance.

Things to Remember

When you go on a desert expedition, remember the following things:

  • There is going to be so much you would want to capture on a camera, the beautiful sunset, sand dunes, the desert terrain, yourself etc, so carry a DSLR with you. Make sure it’s fully charged and you have spare batteries too.
  • Don’t wear formal or uneasy attire. Go in your casual and comfortable clothes. No need to wear any jewelry. You would want to feel as light and at ease as possible. Wear comfortable shoes like joggers, sneakers or boots etc.
  • You can leave your phones at home because you won’t need them at the camp site. Why? There would be no cellular service in the middle of the desert. Take your phone only if you want to take photos with your phone’s camera.
  • Always wear your seat belt to avoid any kind of injury or pain.
  • If you have opted for dune bashing, don’t try taking pictures during that. You would break your camera if you try, or somebody’s nose for that matter.
  • Remember to take lots of photographs of the magnificent sunset.

Best Time for Desert Safari Dubai

The best time for Desert Safari is winter season. You would love to explore the desert in the cold months from October to February.

Desert Safari Guide

Whether your trip would be a great adventure or a disaster depends on the desert safari guide. Make sure that the tourism company you select is not a wholesaler and provides a guide. Some firms depend on freelance guides, who may or may not be great. So, it is wise to choose a desert safari in Dubai with trained guides, as they have first aid and safety training and product knowledge to make your trip a memorable experience.

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