How to Survive A Desert Off-Road Trail in the UAE

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If you have a knack for thrilling adventures, hitting an off-road desert trail can be a great fun in the UAE. Dubai and other cities are built atop ancient deserts and while the most part consists of concrete jungles, on the outskirts, we still find the scorching hot desert and its relentless sand dunes. Driving your SUV on these dunes gives you an experience that you cannot replace. However, these dune bashing adventures are dangerous and may cause damage to your vehicle. If you are taking a Jeep, you can avoid a mishap by installing a Jeep compass lift kit for better ground clearance and avoid getting stuck in the sand. You need to take necessary precautions and prepare yourself and your SUV for the adventure of your life. The good news is, I have compiled a list of tips you should consider ensuring a safe and exciting desert adventure in your personal SUV.

  1. Preparing Your SUV

Preparation is key before you leave the comforts of your home and go out in the wild desert. Desert excursions are very demanding, so you need to inspect your vehicle thoroughly. Make sure you take a “walk-around” to check every component. An off-road SUV’s undercarriage takes the most abuse, so we advise you to install skid plates to ensure the survival of vital vehicle components. A lift kit and larger tires are also necessary to avoid scraping the sand with your SUV. Without these, it is highly likely to get stuck in the sand and give your engine a hard task of pulling. For such cases, I advise you to carry extra tires, a shove, tire pressure gauges, and an air compressor.

  1. Preparing Yourself

Now that your SUV is all ready to rumble, it’s time you shift focus toward yourself. There is no denying that the UAE deserts are ruthless. Hot weather, dangerous animals like snakes and scorpions, and no water. It is hard to survive such an environment if you have not planned properly. These things you should always have in your vehicle. Additionally, be sure to carry lots of water for both your vehicle and yourself. Bring along light snacks that you can share with your friends on the trip and get a full night’s sleep before you head out into the wilderness.

  1. Bring Your Friends

Surely, off-roading in the desert is fun but it is dangerous. What would you do if you find a trouble on the way? Whom will you call for a rescue? That’s why it is wise to call your enthusiastic friends and ask them to join you in your adventure. Some can bring along their own vehicles and some of them may accompany you inside your SUV and watch you conquer the dunes like a champ. When any of you faces an emergency situation, you can vouch on the fact that two heads are better than one.

  1. Drive Carefully

I cannot stress enough on this; carelessness can cause accidents and this is the last thing you want on a trip. Therefore, on a desert trail you need to consider the following tips:

  1. Keep the tire pressure low to allow better traction on the sandy surface.
  2. Avoid driving behind another vehicle as that can hinder your vision and clog your air intake with sand.
  3. When crossing dunes, try to keep your vehicle straight and avoid going sideways. This will give you better stability and reduce your chances of shifting sand.
  4. Beware of harmonic bumps – the small bumps of sand made by reversing vehicles. Driving into them fast can damage your suspension.

Well, there you have it! A short guideline on enjoying a desert trail and having fun while avoiding accidents.

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