Lurento Car Rental Marketplace Has Expanded To Dubai

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Lurento Car Rental Marketplace has now expanded to Dubai where customers can rent luxury and sports cars with an opportunity to choose from high-end automakers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW. Lurento is one of the largest car rental firms offering luxury vehicles in almost 80 European cities including renowned countries like Germany, Spain and Italy. Dubai is one of the prime destinations for sports car aficionados and luxury travel buffs offering a number of attractions. With its car rental marketplace stretched all the way to the Middle Eastern territory, Lurento customers will be able to enjoy amazing rental deals and experience a thrilling sumptuous ride. With Dubai offering top European brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche including US brands such as Cadillac, GMC & Lincoln, the luxury travel is all set to scale new echelons.

About Lurento

Launched in 2016, Lurento car rental services have now spread over 80 cities across the European continent offering voguish and high performance sports cars, supercars, premium cars and luxury cars to its customers. A part of its ambitious and intriguing expansion strategy aimed at redefining the car rental marketplace, the Dubai launch is a portention of the firm’s soaring brand value and highly trusted services.

Changing The Car Rental Marketplace

With its cutting edge technology, a huge fleet of luxury brands and state of the art auto rental services, Lurento is looking at changing the dynamics of car rental within shared economy services. Car rental for Europe is marked by a hefty marketplace for sports cars and luxury vehicles that adds value to the overall customer experience especially for corporates and super car fanatics. By minimizing entry costs into the luxury car rental market, Lurento is reshaping the marketplace providing reputable brands and making them accessible to a number of clients. In addition to the use of artificial intelligence and high-end technology for car rental services, the European firm also supports local car rental firms in areas like theft control, adequate use of inventory, fraud detection services, and global client access.

Although Lurento has business operations sprawled across the European terrains, the firm over the years has experienced considerable expansion and is aiming at a €6.2bn luxury car rental market takeover in future with the market all set to  grow at 11% by 2025. Lurento realizes customer’s requirements of transparent pricing, enhanced support and an augmented options pool for selection, a concern that local services and car rental corporations cannot address. Lurento is all set to change these dynamics and infuse a dedicated customer experience through its philosophy of ‘Rent better’ that highlights elements of premium quality customer service, building trust and word-of-mouth.

It is because of this strategy that Lurento has managed to gather early traction with meager investment through the provision of high quality trusted rental services, a great move that enabled it to snag €2900 AOV in only 5 months. Currently, customers who pay for luxury rides get similar vehicles instead of premium quality, hidden costs, overcharges and poor service quality. Lurento addresses these shortcomings by offering safe booking options, no surprise charges, excellent customer service, and guaranteed prestigious models.

It has paperless, automated reservation and rental procedures that are easy and secure. Every car booked through Lurento includes top speed, horsepower, and acceleration times along with a supplier rating, based entirely on customer feedback, so you know what to expect. Since Lurento has a large network of car rental partners in Europe, you can get a similar model even if your required vehicle is not available through the listings page on the company’s website.

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