Road Safety Education Program For School Children in UAE

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Children are being taught essential road safety rules across Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi through a training program setup by BMW in collaboration with Knowledge and Human Development Authority and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority.

Road Safety Education Program For School Children

An exciting road travel environment consisting of zebra crossings, road signs and traffic signals is built to give children a real life traffic feel. They were educated on the difference of main road signs and were given minicars to drive on the road network set by RTA and Police, so they practice the road safety rules learnt in the theory classes.

List of schools participating in this year’s road safety education program is given below:

  • Wellington International School
  • Victoria International School
  • Al Ittihad Private School
  • The Apple International School
  • Al Ameen School
  • Al Bateen School
  • Gems Royal Dubai
  • Cambridge International and Winchester School

The children will be awarded with a personalised plastic license card with their name and picture endorsed by the event organisers on successful completion of the course. The unique training programme started on Monday 23rd May, 2016 in Dubai will move to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi before ending on May 26th, 2016.

Leanne Blanckenberg, Corporate Communications Manager for BMW Group in the Middle East aims to equip young minds with road safety rules in UAE through this workshop. In addition to BMW Group, other supporting partners include AGMC, Abu Dhabi Motors, Ciel Events and the local UAE importers.

This year’s campaign builds on the success of last year’s course when 5,000 school-going children aged 6-9 took part on the road safety fundamentals. This years’ campaign titled ‘My First License – I Know My Road Rules’ will educate 3,000 more students from 9 different schools across UAE. The training sessions will stretch over a period of two weeks.

Deema Hussein, Traffic Awareness Manager for RTA and Col. Jamal Salem Al Amri, Head of Public Relations, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ have acknowledged and admired the road safety education program for young children to shape up a safe road environment in the future.

The current road safety situation is quite alarming in the UAE. World Health Organisation has reported car accidents as the second biggest cause behind the growing number of deaths in the UAE. According to the statistics shared by the UAE traffic department, motorists aged between 22 and 30 are allegedly responsible for 21 deaths since January. In addition, out of 100,000 serious traffic violations noted in Abu Dhabi 18% motorists were charged against unfastened seat belts and 10% against mobile phone usage.

Dubai Police also accounted 49,643 incidents of motorists using their smartphones while driving last year – a 9% increase compared to 2014.

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