6 Ways to Stop Car Thefts in the UAE

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Car thefts are on the rise in all parts of the world and UAE is no different. The UAE police are trying hard through awareness campaigns to educate people about preventing car thefts. Faxvin, which is a vehicle VIN history service, offers us 6 tips to stop car thefts in the UAE.

Know About Your Car Keys

When you report your missing car to the Police, their first question would be, do you have all the keys with you? Probably not because most of us have a habit to hide a spare key under the wheel-well or any other location under the car. Unfortunately, this old trick does not serve the purpose now; thieves are more informed and cleverer than us. Hide the spare keys in a safe place and never give them to anyone.

Lock the Car

I’m sure you might say this is a very basic and obvious tip but believe me, many people forget to lock the doors and windows. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), there were about 57,000 plus incidents in 2015 where cars were stolen because drivers left the key inside. You can easily prevent this by making sure you close all the windows and doors as you leave the vehicle.

Park Intelligently

Parking intelligently entails to parking in a well-lit area, near building entrances and close to security cameras. Opting for a parking garage is a good idea for your car’s safety but make sure you do not choose an isolated garage. For a garage too, you must park near the attendant or a security camera.

Protect Your Belongings

How many times we hear that a car was stolen along with all the valuable items the driver/passengers left inside. This is very disheartening for me because we all know how valuable our iPad and Laptop are. I even heard about break-ins for a loose change. Once a guy gets inside your car, it is not hard for him to take it. If you have to leave your valuables, better put them in the trunk making sure nobody is watching it. Be proactive; either leave the valuables at home or take them with you as you leave the car.

Your Car Must Have a Physical Anti-theft Device

Many insurers give you an insurance discount if your car has an anti-theft device installed because it provides an extra protection. These devices boast vehicle immobilizer systems that thwart thieves from hotwiring your vehicle. Buy this device from online retailer or a local auto tech company after reading customer reviews.

Keep An Eye Out

How many times do we rush out of our car without paying heed to our surroundings? When we are distracted, it’s very easy to turn off the engine and lock the doors. “Complacency can lead to a huge financial loss and inconvenience for the vehicle owner,” said NICB president and CEO Joe Wehrle. It’s also a fact that a third of all vehicle thefts happen close to the vehicle owner’s residence as he steps in to run a quick errand.

Apart from all these, it is also a good idea to have a car tracker installed. Be vigilant, be smart and never ignore our tips to avoid car theft.

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