Top 10 Things You Must Always Have in Your Car

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Holidays are all about planning adventures and exciting road trips across Arab states, but sometimes these thrilling expeditions can turn out to be unforgettable nightmares as you are stranded in the middle of nowhere not equipped with the right supplies to assist you in case of emergencies. While carrying too many things in the car could be a burden, taking inadequate provisions can prove to be just as risky. Therefore, to bring about the right balance we have compiled a list of top 10 things you must always have in your car.

1) Spare tyre and jack:

It is a no-brainer that you should keep a spare viable tyre and jack at all times. Getting a flat tyre is inevitable, especially if you are on a long journey or travelling on uneven terrain. Having said that, just possessing a spare tyre is not enough, you should know how to remove and replace it in case of puncture.

Spare tyre and jack

2) Flashlight:

Being stranded is one thing but getting marooned at night in pitch darkness with no chance of help is even more dreadful. So, make sure you pack a strong flashlight with enough batteries to aid you in visibility as well as act as a signal to call for aid.


3) Booster cables:

A dead car battery is another thing you want to avoid while on the trip. Cruising in the desert region your battery may need a boost every now and then, so make it a point to carry a pair of jumper cables and make sure you know how to use them. Follow car owner’s manual.

Booster cables

4) Rations:

It is not only the car that needs care, if you are going to spend a few hours on the road with no sign of help, then you might need sufficient food supplies to get you going through any weather. Pack some high-energy food items which are not likely to perish along with a good supply of water and fluids.

5) First-aid kit:

You must have a first-aid kit in the car. GOD forbid, if you receive some injuries due to a collision, this would help you stop the bleeding and reach to a nearby hospital.

first Aid kit

6) GPS or maps:

If you are driving in unknown locations, it goes without saying, how important it is to have a map or GPS to guide you to the right direction without any chance of being lost. If you have a smartphone connected to 3G or 4G, you do not need a map; use Google maps.

GPS or maps

7) Tyre sealant:

In a situation when your car’s tyre is flat and you have no spare tyre to replace, you need some puncture sealant which could help you get to a service station for tyre replacement.

Tyre sealant

8) Owner’s manual:

There are many things that could go wrong with a car and you are not expected to know about all of them, so it is a good idea to have your car owner’s manual to refer to when in trouble.

Owners manual

9) Blankets:

Spending few hours in the car at night can get pretty cool even in some parts of the Middle East. Hence, it is advisable to carry some blankets and even a pair of clothes to keep you warm while you wait. Not true for summer season, as temperature in the GCC is quite hot these days.

10) Cell phone/Battery:

It is a common occurrence for people to be caught in an emergency with a dead phone. Particularly, the smartphones exhaust the battery quicker than a traditional phone. Make it a point to keep with you an extra fully charged phone which is switched off or you should carry additional charged batteries/battery bank.

Cell phone Battery

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