Top 5 Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle in the UAE

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There is no denying that UAE has the best roads in the world. The well-built highways, the desert scenery, and the tall skyscrapers can be experienced best on your motorcycle while wearing safe motorcycle apparel. However, riding in this part of the world require continuous maintenance of your motorcycle. Bikes are more prone to rusting and wear-tear in the UAE, so it’s obvious you need extra vigilance. If you fail in this regard, your motorcycle may give up on you sooner than you think. Today, I have compiled a list of maintenance tips that can help you elongate your motorcycle’s life.

  1. Regularly Check the Wheels

Your bike only has two wheels, which you can inspect yourself easily. No need to take it to a tire workshop. Buy a cheap air pressure gauge, check the air pressure in tires regularly, and fill it to the recommended level if needed. Frequent dust storms here bring along debris with them, which can damage your tires. I suggest you inspect tires for possible wear and tear every two weeks. If you find any damage, switch your old tires with the new ones.

  1. Check the Bike’s Fluids

The extreme heat of the UAE can put pressure on your bike’s engine, making it work harder than usual. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the engine oil level for its smooth functioning. Check the oil filter for any leakages and change it if you spot an anomaly. I advise against using old oil for your engine’s safety. Buy only the recommended oil for your bike.

  1. Check the Clutch

Most bikes come with a manual gearbox which requires frequent use of the clutch. Therefore, it is wise to regularly inspect the clutch for signs of wear. Visit your motorcycle mechanic and ask him to adjust the clutch to your liking. A tight clutch wire can cause the clutch to slip and you will lose control of your bike. Similarly, you won’t feel comfortable with a loose wire. Hence, the perfect clutch position is necessary for smooth power delivery and better fuel economy.

  1. Brakes

Bikes usually do not have very potent brakes, and this is the reason they take time to come to a halt. To make your bike responsive, the brakes should be in good working condition. Change brake pads if they are worn out to avoid getting involved in an accident. If you are not sure about changing them, visit your local bike mechanic for inspection. While you may not be able to save the bike in the event of an accident, you can protect yourself by using an armored motorcycle jacket.

  1. Clean the Body

Frequent dust storms in the UAE envelop the streets, buildings, cars, and bikes in a cloud of dust, asking for regular cleanliness. A clean bike is not only visually impressive but also performs well. In order to keep your motorcycle spotless, give it a rub-down with water and clean with MicroFiber cloth. However, don’t spill water on the sensitive areas like the silencer, the speed dial, and the ignition.

The above-mentioned tips will take very little of your time and in turn, save you hours at the service workshop.

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