Volkswagen T1 Revival Concept

May 18th, 2017

The Volkswagen T1 Revival Concept is a tribute to Ben Porn who became the first dealer outside of Germany to sell vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen. With a mind to buy VW Beetle cars, Pon came to Wolfsburg in 1946 and found an unprepared parts-mover “plattenwagen”, which he liked very much. He thought using Beetle chassis to create a commercial vehicle. On April 23,1947 he created a drawing of the van in a doodle and thus the Volkswagen T1 was came into being.

The T1 revival concept was built to honor the first series of Volkswagen commercial vehicles created on the existing VW Transporter T6 platform featuring a 7cm bigger wheelbase. The revival concept takes inspiration from the old model and translates each detail in the modern form with curved surfaces, rounded corners, circular headlights, chrome details and bicolour car paint. The interior also brings the fusion of latest technology and reminiscent components with the dashboard repeating the vehicle’s exterior shade.   

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